For me, songs are my whole life.  To sing or create a song is as natural as breathing.  It was when I was on stage at the age of 12 that I first felt that I was at home, peaceful and comfortable, and from that time on that feeling has not changed.  At the same time, I also love to work in the studio, where a song is created into its final version, and to understand that you are its creator is an unbelievable feeling!  Therefore each of my songs is dear to me and I hope that they will become the same to you!

“Буде нам з тобою що згадати…” – повстанські пісні

“We will have what to remember…” Third album by Sofiya Fedyna

Songs of Ukrainian partisans,

Pubished 2008 Label “ЛІДА” (Lviv) “Cantilena Studio”(Lviv) Sound producer & arrangement – Yurij Antoniuk Designed by – Rustam Ragimov (Kyiv), Maksym Dolynskyy (Dnipropetrovsk), Artur Popitak & Nazar Dziubynskyy (Sambir) (12 songs) >>Listen>>

“Там під гором…г моїм ріднім краю” – лемківські народні пісні

“There, beneath the mountain…in my native land” Lemko folk songs Second album by Sofiya Fedyna Published – 2007 Label – “ЛІДА” (Lviv) “Cantilena Studio”(Lviv) Sound producer & arrangement – Yurij Antoniuk Selection of songs by Maria Bajko Designed by Pawlo Matsura 14 songs from Lemko songs Antology 7 with music (Lemko feast), 7 a capella(Lemko ballads) >Listen>>

“Іде звізда чудна” – колядки та щедрівки

“Wonder star arises” Christmas carols First album by Sofiya Fedyna Published – 2005 Label – “САМЕ ТАК”(Kyiv) “Cantilena Studio”(Lviv) Sound producer & arrangement – Yurij Antoniuk

 Selection of songs – Maria Bajko & Tetiana Chagovets Designed by – Natalia Chomanska 14 Christmas carols. 7 with music, 7 a capella >>Listen>>

Sofia Fedina - songs that are not included in albums

“Пісні, що не увійшли до альбомів”

Ці пісні на разі ще не увійшли до жодного альому – просто чекають свого часу. Поза тим деякі із них добре відомі закордоном, деякі належать до скарбниці української народної музики, інші – ті, що прийшли до мене і попросилися, що я випустила їх у світ. >>Прослухати>>